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Canvas Idea is a complete integrated communication company. In this world of fast-changing communication plans, our goal is to provide professional high-quality marketing-driven services to our clients. Be it a small business or global enterprise our focus remains to leave a mark on consumers.
For this, our endeavor is not only to understand your business but also to understand your competitors to determine the most appropriate and efficient solution to make your company more visible and marketable to your existing and potential customers..

Our Services

We are known to build businesses and create value in a particular segment. From the inception of a logo to writing a communication plan, designing the communication thought and bringing it to the end consumer is a thoughtful process. Every Product, Service, or Idea has a unique requirement and can change with the demography. Hence a Tortoise Approach works very well. Meticulous planning while understanding every ingredient lays the foundation of an exciting brand. With patience and perseverance, you ultimately win. Public Relation forms an extensive part of the strategy. Even before the brand is launched, PR keeps the activity going and gives momentum for a perfect entry point for any brand. We as a team ensure to carve a successful roadmap.


Sound planning paves the way to a well-defined communication and is followed by working on the thematic approach of the brand. Like "Har Rang Kuch Kehta Hai" to "Thanda Matlab Coca Cola", a customer must have gone through the entire visual story to get a feel of the color or hold the chilled bottle in his hand. Likewise, the right brand connect for endorsement works well for the product while in its nascent stage of planning. The Horse Factor means the most muscular animal has a distinct feature as a mammal. But to ride, you need to prepare yourself. To showcase you need to learn the art of Showbiz. The standard tested route is through Events, Exhibitions and Endorsements with a well-knit story.


When we talk about mediums of communication, the Print, Electronic ie Radio TV and Theatre and now Digital, all have a unique identity to reach the consumer base. What should be the optimum reach of the spending? How should duplication of media be avoided? How to work on the recall value and thereby stretch the advertising rupee. These all are a key factor in deciding the advertising agency for any client. We work as per designated budgets and still ensure the maximum output. The spending and brand pull should be like whale watching. You travel to experience if you are convinced. Remember, the customer has limited money and which brand he prefers depends distinctively on the sound planning and Whale Approach.

Why Choose Us ?
High Energy Culture of Content and Creativity

The right balance of a planning team is backed by the visualizers, graphics, and animation team to provide a visual treat for the brand. The content, copy, servicing team contributes cohesively to communicate to the desired audience for the desired result.

In-house Still Shoot, Recording Studio & Films

Shoot stills instantly in our studio. The clients get a quick opportunity to attend and make the brand talk. The stills are later system treated to give the best impact. We have a full-fledged recording and editing studio as well.

Strong Backend Team for Events

The team works in tandem with the client servicing and creatives to execute the project flawlessly. Roadshow, location and shoot, press conference, book launches, dealer meet, MICE program, mall activities, or any other event, you can count on Canvas Idea.

Strong Media And Film Fraternity Connections

For brand endorsements, we work very closely with the Film and Sports personalities. We excel in a one-to-one approach to resource the right celebrities and at the right cost. Strong and, committed with proper contract signs up is value addition.

Exciting Digital Team for App Based Business

With the digital medium picking very fast, a lot of businesses will be managed digitally. Be it social media promotion, digital marketing plan or designing an effective application and app-based business, we would be keen to work on all.

Start-up Friendly

Startups have an idea-based business. From creating investors' proposals to creating the brand value we have a sound team to execute the same. Budgets NO CONSTRAINT. With Canvas, you give us a rupee and we will turn it into a dollar.

Political Branding
OUR NEW WORK AREA WOULD INCLUDE POLITICAL BRANDING. It could be for any Political Party, Lawmaker, or even any Political Aspirants. It is not about winning elections but winning hearts. Political marketing communication has over the time period emerged beyond simply visiting the constituency with folded hands. It has coupled with a bigger strategic focus on relationship building between the politicians and the public. That is how the voters use their index fingers to press their mandate.

For this, we have an expert team who has the skills to understand the demography of your area, a sound mapping of an individual personality, and key functions required to understand the philosophy of a party and its leaders. Our team members are from diverse backgrounds of how India votes which will help you to go through a rigorous yet enjoyable journey of strategic political branding. If you have the will, we have the ways. If you have the persona, we have an insight. If you win, we definitely win.
Image Consultancy
WHEN WE TALK OF IMAGE CONSULTANCY, “First Impression is the Last Impression”. This is true for a brand as well as for an individual who wants to be a brand. That is how a brand style is created. What you say becomes a style, what you eat becomes a style, and what you wear certainly becomes a style. The style and class certainly communicate a lot. You might be entering a media and entertainment industry, or are a politician or in any profession, you do need an image upliftment to create a value of that extra bit and to be one up. Being noticed, creating followers is a new age.

Our team will guide you through a systematic approach to achieve the fame you always wanted. From creating your personal website to writing your blogs to design your apparel, our communication expert and social media expert will help you grab those eyeballs. For effective training and mentoring, grooming, and styling, talk to us! We won't disappoint you.

It was about a decade ago. A top corporate was venturing into field of OTC Drugs.

From Bicycle to Gulabo Sitabo It was summer of 2000.

A little incident is still as fresh as daisy in my memory, when in 1989.

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