Manoj Bajpayee : Some Dreams Take Time To Mature

Some Dreams Take Time to Mature I am very fond of offbeat films and characters who come straight from the society. No makeup, no extra flavour, audacity or valiance. So, if I could relate to someone after Naseer Saab it was Manoj Bajpayee. These artists are rare gems of indian celluloid. They are a treat to watch as they bring to life every character they portray with utmost adroitness and dexterity.

Being from the advertising industry you sometimes get so enthralled by a typical mannerism of an artist that when you choose them for endorsement,you carve a story where the endorser becomes more powerful than the brand. You feel it is wrong but then, isn’t it all about perceptions and larger than life phenomena ? Somewhere down the line, I wanted to launch a new bike called DON. And that too for the market of Bihar. Had a fabulous storyline crafted by #leoburnett backed by greta strategy. I was confident to grab a good market share. ( We zeroed Manoj “ Bhiku Mhatre” Bajpayee @bajpayee.manoj)

Cut to Bombay.I met Manoj at my favourite Sun-n-Sand . He arrived before time. Tall ,not so dark but handsome. I had read a quote somewhere about such people that “ You know they are special. No matter what mood you are in they will always make you smile.” He did. He said that ‘masala chai’ is something he relishes at this restaurant .He ordered .We got down to discussing the project to which he showed his willingness.

The meeting was inconclusive. I will never forget how he smiled and said,”Allow me” as he settled the bill and tipped the waiter. That was Manoj at the height of Satya stardom. Eventually things didn’t work out. Not elaborating what went wrong, I not only shelved this project but the idea of the new bike too. Because when you write a story you know who you have in mind. If it wasnt Manoj it wasn’t Don. Disheartened -Yes. Dejected- Yes. Disappointed-Yes. But the bigger part of learning in field of communication is get over at the earliest , as SOME DREAMS TAKE TIME TO MATURE.

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